Hello and welcome!

Hello, I am Michelle. I’m glad something about me resonated with you so you clicked on my profile. I don’t know how I could possibly summarise me as a professional or a person on using words on a page. I think the therapist-client relationship and chemistry is more important than a list of credentials or a fancy spiel.

A little about me: I am a social worker and a relationship counsellor. I am a queer Chinese-Australian woman that loves dogs and reading.  I believe that relationships are key of living a rich life (including friendships, and relationships to yourself if no one else). I am the same as you – human.

I am an individual, couple and family therapist. My interest is on self-growth, relationships, attachment-based therapies, family and couple therapy, groupwork, narrative, systemic, and intergenerational trauma/legacies.

I love working with you to really unpack your experiences of relationships and sense of self. There’s so much we carry from our families of origin and what we believe about relationships that is subconscious that impacts our sense of Self, identity, self-worth, romantic relationships (attachment styles, communication styles), friendships, the way we parent (insecure/secure, punitive/passive, authoritarian/authoritative), the way we communicate, and the way we see the world (safe/unsafe).

I am currently work in private practice and at an NGO offering therapy, consultations and training for individuals, children and young people, couples, families and practitioners. I’ve worked at the NGOs e.g. Gender Centre (transgender and gender diverse service) and Interrelate Family Relationship Centre, among other organisations.

I don’t believe any of this means I am more of an expert than you about your lived experiences or relationships – I am here to talk with you, not talk at you in a monologue.

I want to be explicit in saying I am inclusive and warmly welcome all LGBTIQA+. CALD, poly, any other diversities you might be wary that therapists may not understand.

I work with people on a human to human level and believe that therapy is about the relationship between us, not me telling you what to do or any specific model. We might try specific things from specific models but overall I work holistically and tailor my approach to you.

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